Welcome back and a big warm welcome to Diamond Class! It has been lovely meeting all of the new Diamond Class children and I hope they have enjoyed their week as much as the staff have!


We spent much of the week getting to know each other and the routines of year 5 but don’t be fooled into thinking that it has been a quiet week – we have been very busy.


In English we looked at ‘Down by the bay’ – an old nonsense song about different creatures a young boy or girl sees down the bay. We sang the song as a class and then analysed the poetic features of the poem, focusing on repetition and rhyme, as well as considering how many lines each stanza had. After this, we gathered our own ideas about which creatures we could see ‘down by the bay’ and then created our own interpretation of the poem in our Rough books. Next week we shall be writing these into our English books and then performing the poems in small groups.


We learnt about Place Value in Mathematics and carried out tasks that tested our knowledge of whole numbers to a million and of numbers that have three decimal places. In Computing we began to study Morse code. We solved some riddles that Mr Blackburn gave us before spending time creating our own Morse code messages for the class to try and solve. This is also our homework task this week - there should be a Morse code sheet in each Homework book. Please speak to Mr Blackburn if you do not have one!


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I shall see you all on Monday!!