A warm, welcome back to you all. I hope you have all enjoyed your half terms! This has been a short week but a very busy nonetheless!


On Wednesday, we began learning about how we can use colons in our writing. We discussed the three different ways in which we can use colons in our writing: at the start of a list, before a quote and to give further explanation. In Mathematics, we began learning about BODMAS, which explains the order in which we must consider our operations when working through mathematics questions: Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.


On Thursday, we continued our work on colons. In the English lesson today we had to place colons into given sentences and write our sentences with colons in them. In Mathematics we continued our work on BODMAS. We also discussed our new Homework grid – Space – and discussed each of the tasks on the grid. In the afternoon we carried out a range of Bonfire and Halloween tasks, ranging from creating our own lanterns to cracking codes.


On Friday, we completed our first Science session at Ashton Primary School. This week we carried out an experiment which tasked us with separating salt from the sand and rock in rock salt. Take a look at our new gallery page for pictures of our morning at Ashton. Check back each week for pictures of each of our experiences. Throughout the afternoon we carried out research into different aspects of the Solar System and then created our own non-chronological report about the aspect that interested us the most. A fantastic first week back, well done to all!