Today we have been creating our own cocktails as part of our mathematics lesson on capacity.

The children had to follow the recipe and accurately measure the ingredients in ml. 

"1000ml = 1 litre" - Indy

"I made a cocktail with lemonade, orange juice and apple juice." - Emily

We also had a competition to design the best cocktail recipe. 

Jehannah came 1st, Jack in 2nd and Nevaeh in third place!

Have a look at us making cocktails below!


"In PE we were playing a new warm up game called 'Pirate Ships'. We had to scrub the deck, go to portside and say 'Ay Ay' when the captain came." - Dylan


"In English we are learning about autobiographies." - Ela

"An autobiography is when you write about yourself." - Millie

Thank you to those parents who have sent in pictures. The children will use these when writing their own autobiography next week. Any more pictures, please send in by next Thursday. 


Star of the week this week is Ellie. Our merit certificate winners are Oscar and Joey. Our friendship award was awarded to Emily this week. Well done everyone!