Believe it or not, this week is week 7 of Autumn Term!! Where has the time gone?!

This week we have got straight down to business and carried on our autobiographies in English. The children have been looking at the features of an autobiography including writing in past tense, first person and using a range of conjunctions to make our writing more interesting. The children have then created their own autobiography PowerPoints in English and Computing. 

In Mathematics we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20, and using these to help us learn our bonds to 100. We have also been partitioning three-digit numbers. 

In Geography we are learning about natural disasters in a unit called 'Extreme Earth'. Today we learnt about earthquakes and how to stay safe during an earthquake. The children practised what to do during an earthquake by listening to the warning alarm. We then scored ourselves out of 10 - eventually we made it to 10/10!

Today Matt from Football Development came to teach us some football skills in the morning. The children had lots of fun! Have a look at our gallery below to see what we got up to! 

Football Development October 2020




















Star of the week this week is Harrison, our friendship award went to Gabriella and our merit certificate winners were Noah and Elle. Leyton also received a special Head Teacher's Award for his AMAZING BRAVERY! Our class hero!!


Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Miss Ellison