This week in year 6 we have continued our learning about Pompeii. This week, our task was to create a newspaper article that details the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and destruction of Pompeii. In the build up to typing out our own report we covered a few useful topics:

  • How to use eye witness quotes In our writing
  • The key features of the text (newspaper article)
  • Key writing features needed in year 6 writing
  • Rough planning time.


At the end of the week we typed out our newspaper articles and we hope to showcase them on here very soon! Stay tuned!


Elsewhere, we carried out the first part of our ‘Mould’ investigation. We discussed the key scientific terminology that we had not encountered before, such as:

  • Independent variable – the condition that we will change. In this case – the temperature of the bread.
  • Dependent variable – what we will observe at the end of the investigation. In this case – the amount of mould on each piece of bread.
  • Controlled variable – the conditions that we will keep the same. In this case – the size of the pieces of bread used, type of bread used, position of the bread and the time that passes before our observations next passes before our observations next week.