Welcome back everyone! Can you believe it is already November and we are in our second half term!?!


This weeks Bronze Class Top 5 Moments are...

1) "We have been looking at poems. One of the poems we read was called 'Bully Night.' and we have been describing spring and autumn." - Harrison

2) "One of the poems was called 'The Sound Collector' and he stole all the sound. We have learnt what an onomatopoeia is. BANG is an onomatopoeia." - Damian

3) "With Miss Hargreaves we made firework scratch art. We used oil pastels to create our picture." - Gabriella

4) "We have been looking at fractions and fractions of numbers in Maths. 1/4 of 16 is 4." - Filza

5) "In computing we made jam sandwiches. We were learning about algorithms and how to program. We made instructions for our partner to follow and we drew pictures." - Elle 


Star of the week this week is Etienneour merit certificate winners are Maddison and Kayden and our friendship award went to Filza


Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe!