This week we have been celebrating Children in Need and remembering those who have lost their lives due to war on Remembrance day. 


Top 5 moments of the week:

1) "We have been learning about soldiers and we watched a video about them and the war." - Maddison

2) "We made poppies because that was what grew in the battlefields after the war. People wear poppies on Remembrance Day." - Toby

3) "We have made Pudsey masks and decorated biscuits." - Damian

4) "In Mathematics we have been learning about pictograms. We have been asking what our classes favourite chocolate was. Mine was Kinder Egg." - Elle

5) "In English we have been learning about similes. My favourite simile was as bouncy as a bunny." - Noah


Star of the week this week was Damian, our merit certificate winners were Cassius and Scarlett and the Good Friend award went to Maddison. Well done everyone!