This week (and last) in Bronze class we have been learning about how plants grow. The children have planted their own plants and will be bringing these home in the next few weeks. 

"We have been growing sunflowers." - Maddison

"We have been watering them most days." - Damian

"We put some plants in the dark and we didn't give some plants any water." - Israel

"We did this to see what would happen. They all died and one never grew." - Anu

"The plant in the dark grew very tall but wasn't healthy or green." - Filza

"Don't water the plants too much because they will drown." - Elle

"Plants need oxygen, space, water and light to grow." - Etienne


Have a look at our gallery below to see us planting and watering our sunflowers. 

This weeks star of the week is Gabriella.

Our merit certificate winners are Cassius and Toby. 

This weeks good friend is Patryk. Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget Monday is a bank holiday so we will be back in school on Tuesday!