Hello, what a week it has been in Rainbow Class! 

Friday was superhero day. We would like you to take part in our Superhero Quiz. 

1. Which superhero has a codename - the Dark knight? 

2. Who is the bald headed leader of the X Men? 

3. Which hero says "Wakanda Forever"? 

4. What is Superman's weakness? 

5. Who says "To infinity and beyond..."? 

6. Name one of Batman's sidekicks. 

7. Who is the Superhero with an S on his chest?

8. What is Wonder Woman's secret identity? 

9. What is the name of Batman's car?

10. Name a member of the Avengers? 


This is what we got up to... 


Story time
Litter pick (back field)
Bar chart
Junk modelling
Comic books
Hedgehog challenge
Super logo
11.45 – meet up
Utility belts
2.30 – meet up
Merit - Logan and Viaan 
Sport - Dwij 
Star - Hannah
Friend - Rossi