Week 11: Orang-utaning Around

Five top moments from a top week -

1.We made a television documentary all about orang-utans. 

2.We subtracted numbers in Mathematics.

3. Miss Hargreaves taught us Design, we planned our own salad. 

4. We have practised the Nativity - learning all the new songs.

5. In Science we…

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Week 10: Safer Travel Week

Top 5 moments of this week

 1. It has been a vert mixed up week in Year 2 with lots of different things to do.

2. We have been training for Safer Travel Week.

3. We have been investigating healthy lifestyles and looked at how to brush teeth.

4. We learnt more about the Poppy Appeal and…

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Week 8: Room on the Broom

These are the top 5 moments of this week. 

1. We have a new friend in our class called Cassius, we have enjoyed welcoming him to the family. 

2. We have read Room on the Broom, we answered questions and re-ordered the events of the story. 

3. In Mathematics, we have partitioned 2-digit…

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Week 7: Singathon

Week seven and here are our five best bits. 

1. This week we wrote stories about the wizard and used adjectives. 

2. We looked at 3D shapes in Mathematics, we sorted them and found their properties. 

3. We showed off our homework in the big Friday assembly. 

4. We learnt about the…

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Week 6: Autumn Days

Top Five Moments of Week 6! 

1. We had our Harvest Festival, we sang lots of songs such as Autumn Days and In My Trolley. 

2. We looked at different poems in English including Grasshopper One and Surprises. 

3. We started shape week, we found properties of shapes, sorted them and found…

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Week 5: October Arrives

This is the fifth week blog of Rainbow Class. Here are five top moments...

1. We have been learning how to write numbers in words and numerals. 

2. We have made different products for our song in the Harvest Assembly - In My Trolley. 

3. We have been learning about writing letters and…

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Week 4: Monster Mash

The top five moments of Week 4...

1. We wrote sentences, expanded noun phrases and then a story all about a monster. 

2. We explored the seven world continents and found them on a map. 

3. We wrote character descriptions about the Worst Witch.

4. We learnt number bonds to 10 and…

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Week 3: I Will Survive

Week 3, here are five interesting things we did this week...

1. We have learnt more about place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 

2. We used a map of Pool House, to instruct us on where we were walking around the school. 

3. We have been writing sentences about Operation…

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Week 2: Silly Billy

Week 2

1. This week we have read two books "Silly Billy" and "Operation Night Monster."

2. In Science, we started to talk about how we grow up and how to stay healthy. 

3. We started learning our spellings for MONDAY'S SPELLING TEST. 

4. We have started to do really neat…

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Week 1: Gingerbread Man

Welcome back to Rainbow Class!

Top five moments for the first week in Rainbow Class. 

1. We have been reading The Gingerbread Man and then made gingerbread men and decorated them. 

2. We had a look at our 2 times tables and used a number square and a number line to count up in jumps of…

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I Wouldn't Change a Thing

And so it is the end of my time with Year 4 and the end of Year 4 being taught by me. 

It is now the end and what a good time we have had. We would not change a thing. 

Thank you. 

Enjoy Year 5 and remember I am only down the corridor if you ever need a chat. 

It has been a…

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Five of the best things from this week 

1. We all went out and helped plant flowers during gardening days. 

2. We have been able to enjoy the hot weather for walk to school week. 

3. It has been great to cheer on the Parents Vs Teachers football game. 

4. We had a lovey sports day and…

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