Rockin' All Over the World

Our wonderful week

1. In English we wrote questions with question marks as closing punctuation. 

2. We have been choreographing dances in PE and played football with the coaches. 

3. We identified human and physical features on an aerial photograph in Geography. 

4. We learnt new…

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Strictly Rainbow Dancing

What a wonderful week in Rainbow Class. 

1. In Science, we learnt that the basic needs of humans are water, air, food and shelter. 

2. We have been writing sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

3. We have been learning about the seven continents in Geography.

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Tiger Tiger

Highlights of the Week 

Science - we started to learn about how we grow and stay healthy. 

Phonics - we sorted real and nonsense words. 

Geography - we followed a map around our local area. 

Mathematics - we counted up in steps of 2 and 10.

English - we wrote stories based on the…

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Two Days in Rainbow

Week 1 - Rainbow Class 

We have learnt about the Tiger Who Came To Tea. 

On Friday afternoon, we are having a tea party. 

In Art, we designed and created tiger masks.

We created our own targets. 

We have had a wonderful week in class. 

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Super Rainbows

Hello, what a week it has been in Rainbow Class! 

Friday was superhero day. We would like you to take part in our Superhero Quiz. 

1. Which superhero has a codename - the Dark knight? 

2. Who is the bald headed leader of the X Men? 

3. Which hero says "Wakanda Forever"? 

4. What is…

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Mad About Science

Our Mad Scientist blog. It was Mad Scientist day at Pool House on Friday and we all dressed up as scientists. Most of us worse white lab coats and most importantly had crazy hair. 

These are some of the things we did: 

- went on a science parade 

- talked about science enquiry - the…

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Ahoy There.

It has been a busy week in Rainbow, we have been revising subtraction, finishing our topic on the seaside and making father's day cards. 


On Friday, we had our Key Stage 1 Pirate Day.


Merit - Hope

Merit - Isaac

Star of the Week - Connor 

Friend Award - Kyra 


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Katie Morag's Adventures

Diary of a Rainbow Kid: 

Monday - We read some stories about Katie-Morag and made predictions. 

Tuesday - We did some additions in the sunshine. 

Wednesday - We made some dramas about the Good Samaritan. 

Thursday -  We wrote sentences about Katie-Morag. 

Friday - We had  a really…

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Poems Everywhere

This is our Highlights of the Week -

Monday - We read and learnt about a poem called At The Zoo. 

Tuesday - We had Music lessons with Mrs Bradley. 

Wednesday - We looked at Number Bonds to 20. 

Thursday - We designed our Dream House. 

Friday - We had fun in PE doing games and…

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This week in our class -

Monday - We have learnt about rhyme and repetition in poems. 

Tuesday - We developed balance and coordination through yoga. 

Wednesday - In Religious Education, we did Hindu inspired dances. 

Thursday - We made pop up cards and played football. 

Friday - We…

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Coins, Coins, Coins

What a busy week in Rainbow Chocolate Factory!

Monday Highlight - Recognising the value of coins. 

Tuesday Highlight - Working with partners in gymnastics. 

Wednesday Highlight - Planning our Willy Wonka diaries. 

Thursday Highlight - Diaries from the Chocolate Factory. 


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Chocolate Stories

What have we been up to this week?

Tuesday - Spelling surprises, making a television show, working with partners in gymnastics and talking about bullying in PSHCE.

Wednesday - Planning our stories about Charlie, multiplying using arrays, handwriting skills and drawing a Hindu…

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