Week 18: Delicious Division

What a wonderful week of working hard on division...


This Week

1.We have learnt all about division and even worked out divisions with fractions - our steps to success are below. 

2. Mrs Cole came into our class on Tuesday and taught us a lovely PE lesson, where we learnt about safe…

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Week 17: Cracking 2-digit numbers

1. We have been reading Maximus and the Beanstalk.

2. We have been using our place value knowledge to add two 2-digit numbers. 

3. Miss Hazeldine has joined our class to teach some interesting lessons. 

4. Miss Hargreaves taught us more about Monet and we did finger painting. 

5. We…

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Week 16: New Year, New Rainbows


1. We wrote our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

2. Football Development coaches played football with us and taught us about healthy eating. 

3. Miss Hargreaves taught us about Monet and we painted a colour wheel. 

4. We are learning all about China. 

5. In…

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Week 15: It's the most wonderful time of the year

An early blog as we are soon to finish our first term as Rainbow Class. 

What an exciting Christmas week it has been. 

Monday - We made calendars and Christmas cards.

Tuesday - We went to Blackburn Ice Arena to watch Sleeping Beauty on Ice. 

Wednesday - It was our Christmas party and…

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Week 14: Nativity Stars

Top 5 Moments of Nativity Week -

1. On Tuesday we performed the nativity, all the parents and carers came to watch. 

2. Mrs Cole was very proud of us for our performance in the show. 

3. We worked very hard to make the show special including performing at 9.30am and 6pm. 


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Week 12: Angels and Orang-utans

Another week. Another adventure. 

1. We have finished our Orang-utan report. 

2. Friday was a non-uniform day to raise goods for the upcoming Christmas Fair. 

3. We have used repeated addition and arrays to multiply numbers. 

4. We have started rehearsals for Whoopsy Angel. 

5. We…

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Week 10: Safer Travel Week

Top 5 moments of this week

 1. It has been a vert mixed up week in Year 2 with lots of different things to do.

2. We have been training for Safer Travel Week.

3. We have been investigating healthy lifestyles and looked at how to brush teeth.

4. We learnt more about the Poppy Appeal and…

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Week 8: Room on the Broom

These are the top 5 moments of this week. 

1. We have a new friend in our class called Cassius, we have enjoyed welcoming him to the family. 

2. We have read Room on the Broom, we answered questions and re-ordered the events of the story. 

3. In Mathematics, we have partitioned 2-digit…

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Week 6: Autumn Days

Top Five Moments of Week 6! 

1. We had our Harvest Festival, we sang lots of songs such as Autumn Days and In My Trolley. 

2. We looked at different poems in English including Grasshopper One and Surprises. 

3. We started shape week, we found properties of shapes, sorted them and found…

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Week 5: October Arrives

This is the fifth week blog of Rainbow Class. Here are five top moments...

1. We have been learning how to write numbers in words and numerals. 

2. We have made different products for our song in the Harvest Assembly - In My Trolley. 

3. We have been learning about writing letters and…

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Week 4: Monster Mash

The top five moments of Week 4...

1. We wrote sentences, expanded noun phrases and then a story all about a monster. 

2. We explored the seven world continents and found them on a map. 

3. We wrote character descriptions about the Worst Witch.

4. We learnt number bonds to 10 and…

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Week 3: I Will Survive

Week 3, here are five interesting things we did this week...

1. We have learnt more about place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 

2. We used a map of Pool House, to instruct us on where we were walking around the school. 

3. We have been writing sentences about Operation…

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