A Wintery Week

This week we have been finding out all about Winter. We have particularly enjoyed learning about hibernation and that some animals go to sleep for a very long time when it is colder during the Winter months. We have also discussed migration and that the birds fly away to warmer places for winter too. We thought it sounded lovely to be all snuggled up for Winter inside a bears cave or a in a hidey-hole belonging to a dormouse.  We have walked to find signs of winter in our close environment and found that there were some trees and bushes that still have green leaves on them even in Winter time. We found out that these things are called evergreen and we tried to sketch some of these in our Art books. We have talked about all the things we do to keep warmer in Winter and showed off our lovely hats and gloves.

The children have stated they would like to find out about ice and snow, cold countries where the penguins live and why we have a winter season. I would also like to share some Winter poetry with the class so watch this space!

I am pleased to announce that we have completed our visit through all of the phase 2 sounds this week and have begun the phase 3 sounds starting with j. having spent time with all the children individually and in groups I am really pleased with the way our writing is developing. More children are now able to blend sounds to create words and we have looked at spaces between words so that we can form legible sentences.

In Maths we have worked incredibly hard with Mrs Hudson this week ordering numbers and finding missing numbers in number lines and sections of 100 squares. I was amazed that some children could find missing numbers within a 100 square.

On Monday we had a special KS1 assembly where we discussed our worries and who we could talk to if we had a worry. On Wednesday we shared some things in class that made us feel a little bit worried and we talked about how we could make these worries smaller or even go away by doing different things.

On Thursday we had our weekly football session with Dan. This was another brilliant weeks PE with lots more skills being developed by lots of children. Spatial awareness, gross motor control, accuracy with ball skills, hand eye coordination and team work are all much improved.

I think you will agree that’s a very full week – we have even managed to have time choosing the challenges in the classroom and have enjoyed the fresh air.  This weeks certificates were really hard to choose but after careful consideration…

Phoebe is our star of the week

Olivia and Kennedy have merit certificates

 JJ has won the kind friend award