What a busy week..


On Monday we used 2D shapes to make shape pictures, ordered the story of The Gingerbread Man and learnt a new phonics sound.

“We painted the characters from The Gingerbread man, I painted the little girl.” Mia


On Tuesday we celebrated World book day as a school. We all came dressed up as Witches and Wizards and had a really busy day. Phoebe and Matlida W won certificates for amazing contributions throughout the day.


“Professor Lockhart came into class and did some magic.” Matilda W


“We collected things from outside to put in magic potions. “Phoebe


“We made wands. We collected sticks and then we decorated them with stars and glitter.” Cruz


On Wednesday we read the story of Mr Wolfs Pancakes and had yoga in the hall.


“We made pancakes.” Skylar


“We ate pancakes they were yummy.” Ashleigh Grace.


On Thursday we learnt about 3d shapes and Syllables. We counted how many syllables were in our name by clapping. We also had football in the hall with Kasper.


“I have 2 syllables in my name” JJ


“In football we played a shark game. The sharks had to catch the seals” Nelly


On Friday we had assembly with Mr Bamber. Well done to Luis who was this week’s star of the week. Jason and Emilia got the merit certificates. Rome was this week’s good friend and Ashleigh-Grace got the AFC Fylde Football certificate. We have played games with our friends today remembering to take turns. Recapped 3D shapes and Syllables.


“We clapped our names out to see how many syllables we have. My full name has 5.” Mia


“We played 3D shape dominoes. Nelly won” Emilia