In Year 5 this week, we have had an amazing week because we watched the Summer Production – Jungle Groove. This was so much fun and we enjoyed singing along. We then all had a treat and watched The Jungle Book film.

In English, we have created stories to read to Year 2, next week we will pitch our stories to them and see which they would like for their classroom.

In Mathematics this week, we have been learning about percentages and played Diamond Discounts where we had to move around school finding items and their discount and work out the new prices. We also learned how to convert the percentages to fractions.

In Geography, we have been researching mountains and volcanoes and making posters all about these with lots of facts.

In PSHCE, we have focussed on Social Media safety and how to stay safe when using these apps. This was an amazing discussion.


Merit certificate goes to Cassidy.

Merit certificate goes to Oscar.

Good Friend award goes to Bobbi-Jack.

Star of the Week goes to Indy.