Our Kitchen Staff

Miss S Bateman

Miss K Killin

Catering Assistant


School Meals


In school we use a band system for our school dinners. Children are able to have a choice of 3 Hot meals or a cold ‘Pick and Mix’ option. The children pre-order their dinners on a 3 week cycle and will be given the appropriate colour dinner band everyday. At the moment all Infant children receive free school meals and Junior children are able to have them if they wish at a cost of £2.30 a day. These meals are prepared and cooked on the premises and the children are supervised by a team of welfare assistants.

Dinner money should be sent or taken to the school office. Please remember to secure and label any money sent to school. If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, either contact the District Education Office to receive the necessary forms or speak to Mrs Gates the Office Manager in school.


Packed Lunches

If your child prefers to eat sandwiches at lunchtime, s/he may bring a packed lunch. For safety reasons  glass bottles or flasks of hot liquids are not allowed in school. Please label lunch boxes. In line with the national Healthy School Policy please do not include fizzy drinks, sweets or bars of chocolate in your child’s packed lunch.

We ask that you give a week’s notice if you wish to change types of lunch.

School Milk

Milk is available to all infant children for afternoon snack at a cost of £15 per year . If your child does not drink milk, water will be given as an alternative.


The kitchen staff provide a tuck shop at playtime where the children can buy toast, fruit and/or a drink. We find a maximum of 20p sufficient for younger children. In line with the current national Healthy Schools agenda we DO NOT allow the children to bring sweets, crisps or chocolate into school for break.

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