In English we have been learning pattern and rhyme poems.

           sweeties in a jar,

           sweeties in a jar,

           shake and rattle,

           shake and rattle,

           sweeties in a jar.

In Maths we have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes.

          "A cube has all the sides the same" (Alicja)

          "A sphere can roll" (Esther)

This week in Art we have made houses out of paper bags. The children really enjoyed doing this. Choosing which colour they wanted to use for a roof, windows and doors.

In Science we have been identifying what happens in summer.

          "In summer we go to the beach" (Esther)

          "We wear sunglasses in summer" (Darcy)

Again we have had some fantastic pieces of homework brought it. I have added some photos to our homework album on our gallery page.

Our merit certificate winners this week are Leo and Brooke.

Our star of the week is Nicole C.

We hope you all have a fabulous half term break.