This week has been a very special week in school as it has been science week. Scientific activities have been happening all across school. In the juniors we decided to have a competition where ecah class had to create a parachute that would protect an egg and not crack it, when dropped from the top of a tall ladder.  We spent Monday designing parachutes and labelling the resources we would use in our DT books. On Tuesday we created our designs and found out that some materials were unsuitable to create parachutes with. On Wednesday we started creating our final parachutes for the competition using what we had learnt the previous day. On Thursday we competed against other classes in the egg competition. We didn’t win the competition but Mr Blackburn ended up getting an egg cracked on his head which was brilliant!


Here are some quotes about our week:

‘I enjoyed creating the parachutes and testing them outside.  My parachute won the class competition! – Ben Parkinson


‘I enjoyed testing the parachutes but my favourite part of the week was when Mr Blackburn got hit on the head with an egg’ - Elle Ormerod


‘Thursday afternoon was fun when we watched the parachutes from each class in the parachute competition – with real egg’ – Wojciech Wlodkowshi


‘I enjoyed making parachutes in my group’ – Olivia Cookson