This week has been another VERY busy week in school! 

On Monday and Tuesday we focussed on our Seaside topic by learning about Victorian seasides and comparing seaside resorts from then to now. The children designed post cards, made seaside pictures on Paint on the laptops, created their own Punch and Judy puppets and then later performed a puppet show for the class. 

Thursday was our long awaited sports day and the weather was fabulous. Well done to all the children for taking part and being so sensible. Everyone had a fantastic afternoon! 

Today is French day, where we have been completing different tasks on our French Passports including tasting different French foods, counting to 10 in French, learning how to say hello and colouring in French, building our own Eiffel Tower and singing some French songs. The money raised in our class fundraising was used towards costs for food, which the children really enjoyed!

There are no spellings or homework for next week as it is Pirate week!! A huge well done to all the children who completed a piece of homework EVERY week this half term. You will be getting your treat before the summer holidays. 

Have a fantastic weekend and get ready for a week of pirate themed fun next week!

Miss Ellison :)