This week we have continued exploring our wartime poetry in time for Armistice Day and Remembrance Day.  We improved our reading skills by breaking down some war poetry that we read and answering challenging questions about it. We also practiced multiplying multi digit numbers. In RE we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Prince Siddhartha whilst in PE we started exploring different basketball skills, which will be our focus for this half term.


“I enjoyed multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers.” Keira McEwan

“I enjoyed learning about PPE (Point, Proof and Explanation) to help me with my reading skills.” Olivia Cookson

“I learnt basketball skills on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.” Elle Ormerod

“I am more confident when answering questions about poetry.” – Maddy Uttley

“I liked writing a diary entry from the perspective of Prince Siddhartha.” – Lacey Miller.


Finally, I would like t end this week’s blog with a piece of Remembrance poetry from Wojciech Wlodkowski.


I liked it when it was quiet,

It made me smile and laugh.

But now it’s hard to have some fun,

And now I’m an ostrich that hides its head in the ground.


As fast as a cheetah, I hid in my trench,

A loud bang exploded near me.

I was a puppy lost in the forest

With a broken leg, hungry and thirsty.


The guns are like a grizzly bear,

hiding in the sheaves,

Impossible to spot, sitting on the leaves,

The shot people from a massive distance…un-noticied.