On Monday we went swimming, so we didn’t do any maths or English. In swimming we had fun Easter actives. When we got back it was lunch time. After lunch we normally have Mrs Johnson but Mrs Johnson wasn’ t in so we had Mr Mearns and we started are e-safety power points then it was home time.

On Tuesday in English we were drafting a review about The Museum of Fun. Then it was break time, after break time we had maths and in maths we did ladder method to solve multiplication problems. Then it was lunch after lunch we had P.E. After PE we took part in the Easter assembly.

On Wednesday we carried on with our draft of the museum of fun. Then it was break time after break we had a maths test, and that led till lunch time. After lunch Mrs Johnson still wasn’t in so we carried on with our English work till home time.

On Thursday we had English and we were presenting our review of the museum of fun and finished of our e-safety website. Then it was break after break we had another maths test till lunch time. After lunch we carried on with our English then it was home time.      

On Friday we had class activities because it is the last day till break time, and after break it was the attendance party for some people and then lunchtime and after lunch time it was home time for the Easter break for two weeks.


Merit certificate : Ashely

Merit certificate : Gabby

Star of the week : Gabriel

Our special creative holiday home work is below. Have a look and have a go at creating something. May be you could make a kite.

Written by Keelie and Gabby.

Creative homework