Welcome back hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

In English this week the children have been learning about poems on the theme of growing up. The children have described how they have changed over time and they then wrote a short poem about growing up. 

"When I was one, I learn to crawl. When I was two, I could scribble." (Dylan) 

The children read a poem about not being allowed to do certain tasks as they are too young. The children role-played some of these scenarios and added in what could happen if they broke listening to an adult. The children also read a poem called 'Peasy!' It was about a children that could sing the National anthem backwards, a 100 summersaults in 5 seconds and build a full, size scale model of Big Ben in 10 minutes flat but eating custard skin was impossible. The children found the poem really funny and they discussed things they find easy and difficult. 

"Writing my name backwards in easy!" (Ellie)

Miss Duckworth has been teaching the Math's lessons, the children have been learning to read and write o'clock and half past times on analogue and digital clocks. 

"If the big hand is pointing to 6 it's half past." (Charley)

"If the big hand points to 12 it's o'clock." (Oscar)

In Science the children have started to learn about plants. The children have planted their own bean seeds and they are looking forward to seeing them grow. They are producing their own bean diary to keep track of their growth.

In P.E the children have started some basic orienteering skills. The children had to work together as a team and read a map to create a funny face. On Thursday's P.E lesson they started to practise their throwing and catching skills. 

In Computing and Geography the children have been learning about directions. They used commands in computing to make their robot move forwards, backwards, left and right and in Geography they learnt about compass directions, North, East, South and West. 

In Art with Mrs Gibson the children have learnt about Piet Mondrian and his use of primary colours to create pictures. The children used the three primary colours and created their own piece of art in the style of Mondrian. 

A great first week back. :-) 

Merit winners - Oscar and Charley

Star of the week - Indiana