On Monday we went swimming when we got back it was lunch in the afternoon it was Mrs Johnson and we learnt about Joseph William Turner with boats and ships. Then it was home time.


On Tuesday we did maths and in maths we did polygons from written instructions. Then it was break. After break it was English. In English we listened to a Greek myth about Pandora’s box then wrote about how the main character was feeling. Then it was lunch. After lunch we did P.E and P.E we were practicing ball skills. Then it was English because we didn’t have a lot of time in the morning. Then it was home time.


On Wednesday in math we were drawing polygons. Then it was break. After break was English. In English we were doing two myths. Then it was lunch. After lunch it was history. In history we did ancient Greece with Mrs Johnson. Then it was home time


On Thursday we did maths. In maths we were doing more about polygons, then it was lunch and then we did P.E by practising throwing balls at targets .Then it was home time.


On Friday we did assembly. In assembly Janet came from Network Rail to tell us about the dangers around the railway especially the new electric power cables on the line from Preston to Blackpool. We then spent some time planning or big write for after break. After break and we did the proper big write and then it was lunch. Then some people finished their work then it was golden time then home time.

Star of the week – Owen

Merit winners – Gabby and Ella

Written by keelie in year  5.