On Monday we had assembly and then we did SPAG. After that we did English and in English we did this new topic called Pitch It and we watched videos of people trying to get money to start a new business. After that it was break time and after break time it was maths, in maths we started a new topic with co-ordinates and to place decimals on a number line .Then it was lunch time and then we had our lunch and then after that we started geography with our new trainee teacher Miss Desai and then it was home time.


On Tuesday we did singing in the hall with Mr Bamber and then we came into class and did English, we worked on our pitch it topic and we watched more videos and we did some questions and then it was break. After break it as maths time and in maths we carried on with co-ordinates an then it was lunch time. After lunch we did P.E and in p.e we played a game of rounder’s and then we came in and did science and we did irreversible and revisibe changes and then it was home time.


On Wednesday we did   SPAG and then R.E and then we did English and in English we did the pitch it again and read the answers that the year threes did for us. After that we did maths. In maths we were doing co-ordinates and then it was lunch time after lunch we did D.T with Mrs Jonson and then it was home time.


On Thursday we went straight in the hall. Mr Mearns set us all a two day challenge. The challenge was to work as paet of a team and to build a water rocket from an old 2ltr water bottle and a cork. We got into groups and built a rocket untill after break and then in the afternoon we did a bit of computing and then we went out to do p.e and then we got changed and then it was home time.



On Friday we did assembly and then we carried on with the rockets Before break we had an hour to test the rockets and make any modifications we needed to. After break the whole school came out to watch the competition. The team who won managed a distance of 21m down the running track. The team in second place got 14m.

Star of the week – Connor

Merit winners – Gabi and Owen

Written by Ella.