Where has the week gone? This term is flying by already.


In Science this week we have been explorers, looking at different habitats around the School grounds and looking for different living things. We found spiders, worms and saw a squirrel! The children were very excited about all the worms we found and they were braver than myself and Mrs Dorota who didn’t like touching them or picking them up.


In Mathematics we have been working hard on repeating 2D shape patterns and adding two numbers together. This can be quite a difficult concept to understand at a young age but the children are working so hard on their number work and we couldn’t be prouder of them.


In English we have moved onto an eBook called Who Lives Here? Where the children have been working on their comprehension skills and have excelled at their sentence writing this week. 


We have made firework pictures this week and lots and lots of poppies. We decorated a template of a soldier with poppies for our Remembrance assembly on Friday, where the children sang the Grand Old Duke of York, which was brilliant! We also discussed the importance and resemblance of poppies and why we wear them. The children then took it upon themselves to make their own poppies so they could wear them to thank the past and present men and women of the armed forces. The children have all shown such maturity this week and have been extremely respectful.

Elle chose to write a message alongside a beautiful picture, to thank the people who have fought for us:

“Thank you for being brave and for being helpful. We will remember you.”


In the assembly on Friday we also had special certificates for children who have shown particular bravery, resilience and courage recently. Well done to our class winners, Toby and Lucy.


This week we have worked really hard on our attendance as we have been trying to get a 100% certificate for many weeks now. We were SOOO close but unfortunately two children were off on Friday. Maybe next week we will succeed in our mission!


Happy birthday to Elle from this week and thank you for the cake! Thank you also to Toby for providing delicious treats for us on Friday afternoon.


Next Friday is Children in Need. Our school theme is to wear something yellow and bring a minimum donation of 50p.  There will also be cakes and other activities in the hall from 2pm which parents are welcome to attend. All money raised will go to Children in Need. If you would like your child to have cakes and participate in the activities please send in additional money.


Pictures from our week