On Monday, we did a Maths and English arithmetic test because we needed to make our brains remember everything we did before we broke up for half term.



On Tuesday, we did singing in the hall with Mr Bamber and then after that we did facts about war horse. In maths we did co-ordinates. After, dinner we did science about fossils.



On Wednesday, we looked at the war horse poem, which was brilliant. Afterwards, we went out for some fresh air. We came in and we was doing transitioning with shapes. We went out for lunch, came in and read the war horse book; went for P.E and we did some team games and finished at home time.



On Thursday, we did SPAG and did active and passive language, then we did our reading activity which was called the sound of the breaking glass and then in Maths we did converted  fractions and then it was lunch, then we did DT and handwriting with Mrs Gibson then it was home time.



Today we did our weekly spelling test before reading some more of War Horse and answering key questions from Mr Blackburn about the text. In the afternoon we started our brand new topic on the Mayan Civilisation and we had to carry out research into how they lived their lives – their clothes, where they lived, their books, their number system and their hierarchy.