This week has been a very busy week in Rainbow class. 



"We had porridge delivered to us from Goldilocks. I put honey in my porridge." - Filip

"We wrote Goldilocks a letter explaining how to make porridge." - Jack

"We had to write her a letter so she knows how to make porridge." - Sophia



"Tuesday was Pancake Day!" - Indy

"We flipped pancakes in the staff room. I kept dropping it." - Emily

"We put lemon juice and sugar on our pancakes." - Ela

"They were delicious!" - Millie



"In PE we were practicing tennis skills." - Charley

"We bounced the ball on the racket." - Aiesha

"In English we read Jack and the Beanstalk." - Alara

"In maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes like a triangular prism." - Filip



"Yesterday we dressed at Dalmatians." - Ben

"It was World Book Day." - Sophia

"We saw Jasper and Horace who were trying to steal us." - Dylan

"Cruella wanted to make a fur coat out of the puppies." - Jehanna

"We made our own word search and a bookmark." - Sophia

"We made a dog collar and we wrote a wanted poster for Cruella." - Ellie

Have a look at our gallery for photos from World Book Day. 


This weeks star of the week is Millie and our merit certificate winner were Alara and Eliza. Well done!