What an exciting week we have had in Sunshine class with our different celebrations.  Pancake Day on Tuesday proved a flipping good time, and we are happy to report that every child tried their pancakes.  Our world book day Dalmatian spectacular was fabulous. Everybody looked amazing in their costume and we had a really good fun day hiding from Cruella and her Henchmen. Well done to Isaac and Justyna on winning our book day prizes for working so hard. Don’t forget children who read 3 times a week will receive a prize in class when we break up for Easter – Every time they read you must sign their reading record.

The rest of the week has been devoted to finding out about shops and money. We have begun to create our own shops in Sunshine class and have made a supermarket and a jewellery store. We will be learning how to add and subtract money amounts next week when we are buying things from these shops.

Our Football stars on Thursday were Hope and Dwij.

Well done to Rossi on our Star of the Week

Our certificates went to Grace for excellent Reading and Dwij for a great first week at school.