On Friday morning we did a big write competition where we had to write a diary. On Friday afternoon  we learnt about resistance.Where Mrs Keating put MALTEASERS  on our desks and expected us to not eat them. Then she said do not touch them so that was really hard for us especially Oliver. Then we learnt that if your friends are doing something for example smoking that does not mean you have to do it. Then we made posters about it. 

On Thursday we did English where we wrote a quiz for younger children after then have been to The Museum Of Fun. In math we did polygons where we had to draw three sided polygon's, four sided polygon's and so on. After lunch we did silent reading then we did D.T after D.T we did P.E where we had to follow directions that was really hard. 

On Wednesday we did a review on The Museum Of Fun I did  only six of the rooms then in math we did the same as we did on Thursday. Then we had lunch and then we did science where we did our own life cycles.