This week in diamond class in English we have been doing some reviews on the museum of fun we are very exited about them and I think that everyone has done a good job and tried their best. We also made a quiz for little children for when they go through the museum they can answer the questions we give them.

In Math we have been doing some work on shapes and polygons we only just started but we will get the hang of it. Personally for me the work was hard and challenging. Last week we did division but we are past that level now.

This week in Science we have been learning about life cycles of amphibians and insects. There are some posters of them on our wall inside class, you might be able to take a sneak peak of them at parents evening.

In P.E we had to do a challenge of retrieving letters to see what they spelt out, we had a clue they were all animals. On Tuesday in P.E we also played with the basketballs and we chose a partner to do activities with.

in P.S.H.S.C.E Mrs keating put malteasers on our desks and told us not too eat them because we were learning about resistance, every time we got a question right we would get a malteaser out of the bag she was holding but in the end she let us eat the malteasers of our desk. :-)

Then we got golden time like we always do at the end of the day.

Star of the week is Abigail Hirst

Two merit certificates went to Harry and Lexi