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On Monday morning we did English , we were learning about Greek myths and we  was on a page called Pandora's box and the Greek myths were made for ancient Greeks to understand the how the world has bean made. In mathematics we were learning about 4-digit numbers and 1- digit numbers by…

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Where did the holiday go... By William F

This has been a good week ;-)


We started becoming WORD DETECTIVES 

Which includes: Using a dictionary correctly, using a thesaurus & investigating spelling rules. 

In mathematics we have been learning mental methods to add and subtract. 

In science we were looking at…

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Amy's week in Diamond class

In English we have been looking at narrative poems like "Millers End " and " By St Thomas water"  and in Mathematics we have been learning about improper fractions and how to convert them to proper fractions e.g 7/6= 1 1/6 In geography we planned routes using co-ordinates. In Science we look at…

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Don't eat the chocolate... by Jasmine Q

Welcome  to my blog this week in diamond class we have been doing about resistance and there are two types of resistance.There is positive and negative resistance.Positive is about helping and doing the right thing and negative is about doing the wrong thing and hurting people.We also have been…

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#Can't resist

This week in diamond class in English we have been doing some reviews on the museum of fun we are very exited about them and I think that everyone has done a good job and tried their best. We also made a quiz for little children for when they go through the museum they can answer the questions we…

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All about Friday, Thursday and Tuesday ... By Abigail Keane

On Friday morning we did a big write competition where we had to write a diary. On Friday afternoon  we learnt about resistance.Where Mrs Keating put MALTEASERS  on our desks and expected us to not eat them. Then she said do not touch them so that was really hard for us especially Oliver. Then we…

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