This half term in Geography we have been learning about China and comparing it to England. 

"Today we tried different Chinese food. I liked the egg noodles." - Sophia

"We are learning about how chinese new year is celebrated." - Charley

"My favourite was the egg noodles." - Millie

"I tried sweet and sour sauce which I have never had. I loved it!" - Kyle

"My favourites were the egg noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers altogether." - Dylan

Geography - Chinese New Year


"In science we have been looking at Arctic habitats and animals." - Emily

"I made an arctic hare out of clay." - Aiesha

"I made a snowy owl out of clay." - Ellie

"My habitat was for norwhal whale." - Indy

"I made a penguin habitat." - Nevaeh

Science - Habitats


On Tuesday we had a Ju Jistsu taster session in school. 

"I liked playing the game to warm up." - Ela

"I liked kicking the bag." - Oscar

"I liked playing the warm up game." - Maryam


"Yesterday we made our moving pictures. We designed them first then made them." - Kyle

"My picture had a pivot to make it move." - Bobbi-Jack

"I used a slider in my picture." - Sophia


Star of the week this week is Dylan.

Our merit winners were Indy-C and Ben. 

Well done everyone!