This week in Bronze class we have been having very busy!!

“In computing, Mrs Bradley has been teaching us how to programme using Scratch.” – Alara

“In Music, Mrs Bennett has been teaching us how to play hot cross buns on the recorder.” – Ela

“This week we have been learning about poetry in English. We read Bully Night and a poem called Mix a Pancake. We also ate pancakes.” – Kyle

“On Thursday Dominoes came to visit us and we made pizzas. I put mushrooms, pepperoni and ham on mine.” – Oscar

Today has been our Sponsored Bounce event. We have been busy bouncing on the bouncy castle all day and the children have done an amazing job (with Mrs Bradley and Miss Ellison as well!). Thank you for the sponsor money so far, it is very much appreciated. Please can those who have sponsor money to bring in ensure it is brought to Miss Ellison by next Friday (18th October).

Star of the week is Alara and our merit certificate winners are Casey and Bobbi-Jack.