Today we have been raising money for Children in Need. 

"Today we dressed in yellow or wore spots." - Cassidy

"We decorated biscuits like Pudsey."- Charley

"We had a design Pudsey's new hair competition." - Bobbi

The winner of this competition was Joey.


"In science we have been trying foods and sorting them into food groups." - Jack

"I tried chicken and eggs which are proteins." - Jamie

"We need protein to build our muscles." - Joey


"In Mathematics we have been learning how to add using expanded column addition." - Alara

"In Geography we learnt about how earthquakes happen and made a poster to say how to keep safe in an earthquake." - Emily

"When the siren came on, we had to duck under the table. We were pretending there was an earthquake." - Ellie

"We have been learning hockey skills in PE." - Bobbi

"In art we have been learning more about Leonardo Da Vinci." - Emily

"We sketched a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci and then sketched a self-portrait." - Nevaeh


Star of the week is Filip. Merit certificate winners were Cassidy and Emily. Each week the children vote for who should receive the good friend award and this week the award goes to Ellie.