How are you today? Are you having a good day? What are you doing over the weekend? This week we have been looking at how we can look after others and their well being. So we have decided to be more thoughtful for others feelings by asking them how they are and by talking more to one another.


Also this week, we have been focusing on using and recognising money as we have still been struggling with this. We have bought items at our bakery using money and played lots of recognition games in Maths. It would be really beneficial if the children could look at money whilst at home and maybe use money to buy things either in a shop or pretending at home.


In History we have expanded on our knowledge of the Great Fire of London by exploring how London was in 1666 and comparing it to London now. The children are still loving this topic and are very eager to learn more.


In Phonics some of the class have continued to look at the different sounds for ‘ee’, including ey, y and split digraph, e-e. We have worked really hard on phase 5 and I am so proud of them.


In Science this week we have made rain gauges and we are going to use them to measure the amount of rain we have over the next week. This has been a very exciting task and the children are looking forward to see how much rain they collect. Hopefully it will rain over the weekend so we have lots of measuring and recording to do! Pictures are on the gallery of us making our rain gauges and I will post the link at the bottom of the blog.


A huge thank you to Kara, Rossi, Remi and Justyna for bringing in their delicious baking homework this week. We are really enjoying these treats! We have also taken pictures which are on our gallery. We are also loving the letters that have been arriving and sent into School. Amazing!


This week our Star of the Week is Kyra.

The Good friend certificate was chosen by the children and they voted for Ellie.

Merit Certificates this week were awarded to Rossi for putting 100% effort into his work at both home and in School, and to Esme for working really hard in Phonics with the new ‘ee’ sounds and applying them to her writing.

The sports awards from AFC Fylde was awarded to Jamie.

Well done to everyone!


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wilson and the Moonbeam team J