Three little pigs

This week the children have done some excellent writing linked to the three little pigs. The children have all written letters to the pigs, and these can be seen displayed on the wall next to the coat pegs.

They have also painted pigs using different tools and techniques, remembering what they have learnt about colour mixing.

We have made wanted posters for the naughty wolf and talked about why he is not kind and how to be a kind friend. The children have worked very hard on these tasks and we are really proud of their achievements.

This week’s star of the week is Riley

The kind friend award went to Olivia

Our Merit winners were Sami and Amelia.

Our football award went to Amelia too.

Huge congratulations to the reading award winners who have been given prizes today and have enjoyed cake this morning. Jake, Patrick, Denis, Dexter, Evie-Mai, Meme, Kiswa, and Riley you are all amazing.