The Gingerbread man is responsible for our activities in class this week. We have read the story, acted out the story and made characters from the story using different materials. All the children have done a great job during phonics this week, lots of us are reading and writing more independently.

Tuesday was “flipping” great! We enjoyed mixing our own pancake mixture with the whisk and flipping pancakes in a pan. Most of us tried them and enjoyed them too! We read a story called Mr Wolfs Pancakes where Mr Wolf was a little bit naughty and gobbled up his friends at the end because they had been so mean to him!

We also talked about the special time of “Lent” for Christians; a time where they might make a promise or give up something they enjoy. In class we have started a 40 days of kindness challenge. Each day we have a new challenge showing how kind we can be.

Thank you to the families who have returned their marathon boxes, it is much appreciated.

This week’s friend award goes to Paige

Our star of the week is Taylor

Merit awards go to Noah for beautiful painting and Olivia for making a lovely gingerbread man.

Our football superstars are Payton and Taylor.

This week we have missed Mrs Bradley, she has had an operation in hospital so we are hoping she is at home resting so that she can come back to us soon.