Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable half term even with the horrible weather. Our first week back has been very exciting and we have gotten stuck right back into the swing of things.


In English we have been word detectives! Exploring syllables and compound words, something which the children have enjoyed as it has been a bit different to our normal English lessons.


In Science and Geography this week, we looked at our new topics for the term and discussed what we are looking forward to learning as well as what we already know. Our new topics this half term are plants in science and the weather in Geography.


In Mathematics we have completed missing number problems for subtraction and doubles of all numbers to 20. We have also concentrated on counting to 100 throughout the week, as well as identifying and writing numbers to 100.


We have had our music lesson with Mrs. Bennett this week, making our own spring songs and performing them to the class.


On Tuesday is was Pancake day and we had a flipping good time. We flipped pancakes and ate a whole lot of them. Please see the photos on our gallery page. 


Last but not least, we have had a visitor in class this week who goes by the name of Molly the monkey! She brought us her reading bananas from Blackpool Zoo as she needed our help to read them and sort them into real and nonsense words. In Phonics our sounds this week have been ‘ui’ which can make ‘oo’ (fruit, juice), ‘ay’ (tray, clay) and split digraph ‘a-e’ (state, make).


This week our Star of the Week is Rossi.

The Good friend certificate was chosen by the children and they voted for Adam.

Merit Certificates this week were awarded to Remi for her fantastic approach to her learning and reading both at School and at home, and to Ethan for his wonderful efforts with his reading this week.

The sports awards from AFC Fylde was awarded to Archie.

Well done to everyone!