This week in Moonbeam:


- In Mathematics we have been halving 2D shapes, as well as being able to halve numbers using concrete objects.

- Continuing with the non-fiction topic in English, we have been looking at recalling information from a non-fiction text. In addition to creating their own sentences about what senses the animal use to survive.

- Understanding and labelling the different parts of a plant and describing all their uses/functions in Science.

- In phonics, we have been using our orb beads to find real and nonsense words in phase five. Including alternative sounds for igh such as ie, i-e.  

- Using our Geography skills to see how the weather affects travel, how we feel, what we wear and the things we can do.

- Supporter Sport Relief through raising money by dressing up in our sports gear and taking part in our sports activities. We enjoyed designing our own t-shirt for Mrs Parkinson’s London Marathon run, making healthy snacks and being active through our trainer throwing game, bouncy castle fun and assault course rave.

Please see our gallery of today’s events…there are hundreds!


Other highlights include everyone’s amazing parents evenings, where we were able to share with you how well the children are doing and the fabulous amount of effort all the children put into their learning. Thank you to those of you that came. It was lovely to see you all and share the children's brilliant work with you.


This week our Star of the Week is Dwij.

The Good friend certificate was chosen by the children and they voted for Lillie.

Merit Certificates this week were awarded to Hope for working exceptionally hard on her handwriting, and to Kyra, who is showing huge improvements in all areas of her learning.

Football certificate this week was awarded to Ellie.


Well done to everyone!


Sport Relief Day 2020