We are time crazy in Moonbeam class this week. We have learnt how to tell the time for the hour and half past the hour as well as draw the correct hands on the clock for given times. We are so impressed with how well the children have done with this as time can be quite tricky sometimes.

In English we have written our own stories based on the aliens in ‘Man on the Moon’. The children’s use of their imagination was wonderful and so was their writing. We have also looked at our new fictional story ‘Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary’ and we are looking forward to writing postcards next week to Bob.

In Science we have made posters to show what plants need to grow, in History we compared life in London from 1666 to London in the present day and in Art with Mrs Dorota, the children recreated ‘Concrete Circles’ by Wassily Kandinsky using water colours.

Our Star of the Week is Korben.

Our Merit Certificate winners are Meme and Joshua.

Our Good Friend award was awarded Jake.

Football certificates from AFC Fylde went to Payton and Taylor.