Yesterday in Bronze Class we had a Roman themed day to end our History topic this half term where we have been learning all about the Romans. 

Here are some of the things we enjoyed yesterday:

"I enjoyed eating all the food. My favourite food was everything, apart from the porridge!" - Leyton

"I was the winner of the Roman Battle" - Harrison

"We made our own mosaics and vases." - Iyla

"We were recalling our Roman numerals." - Bree-Anna

"We threw javelins and had a competition to see who could throw it the furthest." - Scarlett

"I won the javelin competition." - Noah

"We had a Roman battle using our shields we made." - Israel

"In the morning we had different activities on the tables. We had to design our own Roman Villa." - Amelia


Star of the week this week is Anu, our merit certificate winners are Gabriella and Harrison. This weeks good friend award is awarded to Jamie-Leigh. 


Have a lovely half term everyone and see you in the final half term!!