Where is this final half term going?! I can't believe we are already finishing our third week! 

Top 5 Bronze Class moments this week are:

1) "We have been designing our own sandwiches in DT. Mine has tuna and cheese on it. We are going to make them next week" - Maddison

2) "We have been making our own I-Spy game on the laptop. We love playing I-Spy during tuck time." - Aaron

3) "In English we have been planning our own legend story. The hero in my story is called Liam and the Princess is called Tolu." - Anu

4) "In History we are learning about railways. In Science we have been learning about Rocks." - Joshua

5) "In Maths we have been learning how to divide numbers with a remainder using short division." - Patryk


Star of the week this week is Aaron, our merit certificate winners are Etienne and Mya and finally our good friend award goes to Damian.