We have had a delightful week in Moonbeam Class and the children are putting in 100% into everything they do.

We have moved onto a new fiction text in English called ‘AAARRRGGGHHH, Spider!’ we have made predictions about what the family would do at the end of the story with a house full of spiders, describe the spider’s feelings at different points in the story and sequence the events. The children have blown us away with the understanding of this text and they have really enjoyed the story.

In Mathematics we created our own repeating patterns using 2D shapes, doubled numbers up to 20 and identified our number bonds to 10. The children have especially enjoyed playing games on ‘Hit the Button’ for doubling and number bonds to 10. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

In R.E we have explored the meaning of love and discussed who or what we love and why.

“I love my uniform because I love being at Pool House.” – Essie

“I love my family because the look after me.” – Virtue

“I love my skin colour because it’s who I am.” Junior

“I love my brother because he plays with me and gives me cuddles.” – Emilia

In Phonics we have recapped and learnt ar, or, ur and ow. The children’s spellings for next Friday include these sounds.

Certificate winners

Star of the Week – Harley

Good Friend Award – Nourah

Merit Certificate – Oliver and Ben

Football AFC Fylde – Lilly-Ann