Our favourite parts of the week:

1.  Singing lots of autumn songs in the hall with Sunshine and Rainbow class.

2. Enjoying an autumn walk in the School grounds where we collected leaves, acorns, spinning jennies and sticks. We also looked at pumpkins and also conkers with and without shells. We have loved drawing the leaves using the correct colours, talking about how and why the leaves are different colours and observing the sizes and shapes of pumpkins.

3. We have celebrated our own strengths and the strengths of our friends.

4. A wellbeing assembly on medicines.

5. Using computers as we learn to control the mouse and use a keyboard.

Our Phonics sounds of the week are oi, ear and air.


Certificate winners

Star of the Week – Zara

Good Friend Award – Vaishvik

Merit Certificate – Jessica and Aaron

Football AFC Fylde – Essie