In English this week we concluded our Iron Man topic by writing our Interview Transcripts. In these we tried to change the formality between our characters by using formal and informal language, by carefully selecting appropriate punctuation and by switching between expanded and contracted form. Once we had written our interviews, we worked in partners to perform them with intonation and expression.


In Science we finished our Classification topic by classifying a range of leaves, both compound and simple. We learnt a lot of new vocabulary which we used in our work and made a note of in our Key Vocabulary page.


In History we studied key figures in World War Two, with a particular focus on Winston Churchill. We learnt what makes an inspirational leader before creating fact files about Winston Churchill. We also studied a range of sources that allowed us to explore the Battle of Britain. We learnt about what Primary and Secondary sources are and then identified whether the sources we had were Primary or Secondary.

Have a lovely half term everyone and make sure you have a well deserved rest after a very productive but busy half term!


Star of the Week - Skye

Good Friend - Drew

Merits - Josh and Esther