This week in Bronze class we have been very busy! 

In English we have been reading our new book - Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. This half term our focus is on mystery stories, and by the end of the unit we will have written our own mystery story. The children have been introduced to the main characters Ottoline and Mr. Munroe. 

In Mathematics the children have been learning how to subtract using column subtraction, including how to exchange when needed. I am so impressed with how hard everyone has tried. 

In Science, Mrs Miller taught us all about the bones that made up our skeleton. Have a look at our gallery to see some of the skeletons we made. 

In Geography we are learning about land use and map skills. We had a walk around the school grounds before drawing our own sketch maps of the school. 

This half term we are focusing on Art and Design on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Miller. We have been looking at Pop Art and learning about a famous artist called Roy Lichtenstein. 


This week's certificate winners were...

Star of the week - Rossi

Merit Certificate winners - Grace and Joe

Good friend award - Ebony