Welcome back!

We can’t believe we are half way through the year already.

At the beginning of our week we continued to be word detectives! We explored and identified different types of nouns and then used the prefix ‘un’ at the beginning of words and researched their new meanings.

In Mathematics we have identified different denominations of money from 1p to £50. We have ordered coins and notes, learnt about the value of money and made amounts using different denominations of money. We are so proud with the children’s understanding of money and how we can use it. Maybe the next time you’re out shopping, your child could try to use the correct change to pay!

In Phonics we have learnt new digraphs: ‘wh’ = ‘w’ (white, whale) and ‘al’ = ‘ar’ (half, calm). The children’s spellings for next Friday link to these new sounds.

During our afternoon lessons we have experimented how to make a structure stronger in Design Technology, discussed our previous knowledge on the weather in Geography and plants in Science. We have also learnt about the Easter Story in R.E where we retold the story by making story boards.

A jam packed, fun-filled week here in Moonbeam Class and we have loved every minute!


Certificate Winners

Star of the Week – Jessica

Good Friend Award – Ben

Merit Certificates – Junior and Aaron


Please see our gallery page for pictures from our week.