Finally Friday night has arrived. What a busy week we have all had in silver class. The week started with our lessons as normal on Monday. Shrove Tuesday was then lots of fun. All the classes had time slots in the staff room to make pancakes. Mr Mearns took charges of the pan and made us all pancakes. A big thanks goes to Mrs Cole who made the batter for the pancakes at home on Monday night. (see the photos on the news item)

In RE on Wednesday we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and how this all links with Lent.

Thursday saw lots of Wally’s in class. In fact we had 19 Wally’s (including Mr Mearns and Mrs Cann) and one Odlaw (well done Thomas). The day was spent looking at books, in particular Where’s Wally books. A big thank you to George for bringing in his collection of Where’s Wally books and to Thomas for bringing in his jigsaw for us all to do. (see the photos on the news item).

Friday ended the week with a big write.

Next week is a quieter week in silver class. Spelling test on Monday morning, don’t forget.