We have started our new term thinking about the new year and making our own New Years resolutions

"I want to help my mummy tidy up" - Filza

"I am going to make my bed" - Joshua

"I am going to spend time with my family" - Iyla-Rose

After reading the gingerbread man and talking about the characters we have acted out the story in small groups. Scarlett was a fantastic gingerbread man and Brodey was a super fox. 

We have made our own gingerbread man story boards where the gingerbread man meets different animals.

Joshua's gingerbread man met a sheep, a frog and a hedgehog,

Damian's gingerbread man met a tiger, an elephant and a duck.

Maddison, Elle and Patryk have all made boats or rafts to get the gingerbread man across the river safely. They tested them to see if their boats floated on the water. 

Sunshine class have also had an active week we have had football skills with the football development team, yoga with AFC flyde and have walked half a mile almost everyday. We will be building this up to one mile in the coming weeks. 

This weeks star of the week is Lucy.

This weeks merit certificate winners are Etienne and Harvey.

Please see our gallery for photos and videos of the different activities we have done this week.