We have been continuing to read our class novel 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' this week. 

"We have been writing about Willy Wonka." - Drew

"Willy Wonka is as funny as a clown." - Arham

"Mr Wonka did a roly poly in the story." - Philip

"He had a tall, red hat as red as a robin's breast." - Ada

As part of our English unit about chocolate we are also going to be learning about how chocolate is made and of course we will have to taste some chocolate!

For our big write we designed a new choclate or sweet for Mr Wonka to make in his factory. Then we wrote our own persuasive adverts. 

"I designed a sweet called Stoptalks. When you eat the chewing gum it makes you float." - Mikquell.

"Chocstoppers pop when you finish eating them. They are vanilla ice cream flavour." - Alan.


In our new history topic we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. 

"Florence Nightingale helped army people who were hurt." - Mikquell.

"She is a famous nurse." - Esther

"She cleaned the hospitals so the soldiers don't die of infection." - Alicja.


We are sending out new homework books for this term. We will continue with our sticker charts so that if your child has all 4 stickers for this half term (after completing one piece of homework from the web a week) they will get a treat. Children must complete 1 piece of homework from the web a week AND either a big write or maths activity which will be stuck in their books. 


This weeks star of the week is Philip and our merit certificate winners are Caroline and Ada. Well done to Kayden who is Sports person of the week!


A great first week back. Keep up the hard work Rainbow class!