In Rainbow class this week we have been very busy even though it has been a short week. 



"We have been eating different foods from Scotland. My favourite was Irn Bru" - Bobbi-Jack

"We have started designing a post card for the Isle of Struay." - Dylan

"Today we made shortbread, You need flour, butter and sugar to make it." - Millie

"My favourite was the Irn Bru." - Indy

"We tried smoked salmon pate, oatcakes, shortbread, Irn Bru and porridge oats." - Ela

"I loved the porridge oats." - Oscar

"We coloured Scottish flags to make bunting." - Jack



"In Science we looked at different parts of a plant." - Ellie

"We have been playing a game where you have to make the plant grow." - Emily

"We are doing an experiment to see which plant grows best. One plant has no water or sun, one has only water, one has only sun and the last one has sun and water." - Maryam

"The green groups plant is growing. That has no light but does have water." - Filip