Our Mission Statement

Pool House School nurtures, by example, a caring attitude in our young people and a desire to be involved in the world around them.

We begin to prepare them for the challenges in life that will face them in years to come.

Our School Ethos

In order to achieve our aims for your child there are general principles that run through the curriculum.

Everyone is taught as an individual: all pupils have individual needs, some learn more slowly than others, some have exceptional ability, others learn more readily in one area of work than another. Pool House allows for these different rates and ways of development in seeking to ensure that all its pupils achieve their full potential through pursuing excellence in all its forms.

Everyone has an opportunity to develop morally, culturally and spiritually.

Everyone has an equal opportunity: all our girls and boys have equal access to the same broadly based and balanced learning experiences.


Our Values

Our pupils will achieve a nurturing, all-round education and maintain a balanced development of the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects of life.


At Pool House we want our children to reach the following goals during their time at the school:


  • to be happy
  • to be enthusiastic, cheerful and sensible
  • to work hard and to achieve their individual potential in every aspect of school life
  • to become literate and numerate and learn about the world they live in
  • to develop thinking and study skills to allow them to carry on learning throughout their life
  • to show independence and take responsibility for themselves and for others
  • to care about other people, show consideration of their needs and treat everyone equally without prejudice
  • to know how to behave appropriately, acting with courtesy, common sense and self-discipline at all times
  • to follow all our rules regarding health and safety so that they and others remain safe at all times

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